Varsity Tavern, employees and patrons are to present themselves in an appropriate manner which is conducive to a productive, safe and fun environment. Administration has the final authority about dress code compliance. In accordance with Varsity Tavern policies, employees and patrons may NOT wear or have.

  • Improperly fitting clothing; baggy pants, baggy Shirts, or clothes that expose body parts or undergarments
  • Work Boots or basketball shoes.
  • Boxer shorts, sweat pants, athletic pants or shorts.
  • Excessively torn or dirty clothing
  • Jerseys (unless it is relevant to the sporting event)
  • Oversized chains or medallions
  • Sunglasses while indoors
  • Flat billed caps
  • Undergarments, pajamas or other clothing not designed to be worn as outer garment
  • Gang associated clothing or colors
  • Tattoos above the neckline.
  • Emblems or writings that are obscene or that may reasonably be expected to disrupt or interfere with normal operations.
  • Clothing advertising, condoning, depicting, or promoting a controlled substance, violence or displaying vulgar or suggestive language.

Every person entering these premises must have a VALID (not expired) U.S. issued I.D. Passport or Military I.D.

Varsity Tavern reserves the right to refuse service to any person.

Varsity Tavern encourages neat but casual attire. To enhance your experience while visiting our establishment, we do enforce dress code upon entering Varsity Tavern. If you do not comply with Dress Code you are agreeing to be escorted out.